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Entry Five [Voice]

[There's loud rumble and thrashing heard as soon as the voice post starts. Wolf is breathing heavily and his voice is shaky.]

REMUS! I need your help, we’re outside the museum of art-It’s the heartless, they’re here-They’re everywhere-I can’t-GRRAAAAAH!

[A loud slam echoes the journal, then shuts off to complete silence.]

Entry Four [PRIVATE TO ZIDANE--Voice]


We need to talk. Where are you?

Entry Three [Voice]

Grrrrf, stupid thing.

[Growls and grumbles can be heard on the end along with tumbling with the journal. He sighs heavily.]

Alright, back from my little trip to Halloween Town. Fun place. Absolutely FUN.

[He grumbles under his growls.]

Never again… Grrrwoooo, Never again. GRRRF...This time of the month, IS NOT a good time for this.

Oh… Right… Has anyone seen Zuko? He disappeared on me.

Entry Two [Locked from the Master -- Voice]

Awwwwooo cripes, talk about your mad house, I didn’t know the elections would get this crazy! Ah well, I shouldn’t worry about it too much. Although that’s too bad Timon didn’t win, but eh, ya win some you lose some.

In other news, Genie and I are thinking about starting a band! I do need to start practicing the guitar right away though. I wouldn’t like it to just come on stage without knowing how to play it right, that’d just be embarrassing! Oh! I could dedicate some songs to people I care about, that’d be something useful! Huff puff, this is exciting!

[Private to Zuko]
Oh by the way, Zuko. I’m ready now to go explore that place, St. Destino. I want to find out just as much as you if there is a way out of here. Where would you like to meet?

Entry One [Voice]

Well, this is a fine place I got myself into. Paixao, huh? Oh huff puff, it not the same here without Virgi-… Oh, what does is it matter, she doesn’t care for me anyway. If I’m here, I might as well start to think about what to do once I get back to the 9 Kingdoms. Then I can be able to go and see what would be the appropriate method to do, then try and piece things back to normal! For now, I guess I’m stuck here…Grrroooow, might as well make the most of it. I hope the people here don’t think badly of wolves.


Wolf from the 10th Kingdom

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